Defence and Security

We believe that success in Canada’s defence and security industries can only be achieved with the breadth and depth of experience, stellar reputation and diverse skill set that TACTIX brings to the table. TACTIX advisors have been senior executives in the three most influential government defence and security departments (National Defence, Public Services and Procurement Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development), across 3 internal levels of government (working level, senior executive, and political).

Specialties include:

  • Red Team Reviews – rarely does a week go by that a TACTIX advisor is not conducting a Red Team review, often followed by embedding into the client’s team during Red Team recovery process.
  • Black Hat Competitive Assessments – open-source big-data mining as well as subject matter expert analysis are integrated by our price-to-win and modeling experts.
  • Post-submittal Activities – defending against contracting challenges, such as Statement of Work negotiations, is where a trusted and experienced advisor demonstrates their value.

Our clients include: aerospace companies, engine manufacturers, systems integrators, training and simulator companies, land force and naval equipment manufacturers.



Team Members


Alain Parent

Senior Associate

Alain offers clients unparalled strategic planning and execution experience gained from 39 years of service in command at every level of the Canadian Armed Forces.




The Hon. Bryon Wilfert, P.C.

Senior Associate

Bryon Wilfert’s 26 years of experience in public office give him unparalleled perspective and a practical approach to problem-solving for clients.




Dan Duguay


Dan has a unique ability to navigate political, economic and policy issues that affect TACTIX’ clients by employing exceptional strategic advice.




Howard Mains

Managing Principal ~ Owner

Howard Mains’ client-centric approach brings a high level strategic focus on key mandates.




Ken Pennie

Senior Associate

Ken Pennie’s outstanding career as a senior military leader offers clients strategic advice in global defence and aerospace operations.




Michael Ferrabee

Senior Associate

Michael has decades of experience in senior strategic advisory roles in the public and private sector.




Paul S. Hillier


Paul Hillier specializes in risk management, advising clients across industries on how to manage reputational risks.




Steven C. Dover

Senior Associate

Steven Dover develops relationships with key government stakeholders and delivers client-focused business development opportunities.