Provincial Jurisdictions

Canada is a federation and many political
and regulatory issues are jurisdictional in nature.

Many of our clients deal with emerging legislation, regulations and policies both in Ottawa and in provincial capitals. It is imperative, therefore, to have a firm grasp of the often complex interplay and the political struggles over jurisdictional turf between the two levels of governments in Canada. TACTIX successfully navigates this dynamic, a strength our clients have come to trust and rely upon.

With an office in Toronto and trusted partners across the country, TACTIX offers services tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you are pursuing legislative, policy or regulatory changes, seeking funding for your business venture, or simply looking to build closer relationships with provincial government decision-makers, our professional advisors can work with you to develop and implement an effective strategy to meet your business objectives.




Alan Young

Principal ~ Owner

Alan Young provides experienced leadership and client-centric focus in complex engagements.




The Hon. Bryon Wilfert, P.C.

Senior Associate

Bryon Wilfert’s 26 years of experience in public office give him unparalleled perspective and a practical approach to problem-solving for clients.




Jill Fairbrother

Senior Associate

Jill Fairbrother has an extensive issues management background and provides clients with in-depth advice on media and communications strategies.




Steven C. Dover

Senior Associate

Steven Dover develops relationships with key government stakeholders and delivers client-focused business development opportunities.