According to research by McKinsey & Company, “Government is likelier to affect companies’ economic value than any other group of stakeholders except customers.”

Working closely with you and your colleagues, our seasoned government relations advisors can develop and execute a plan to successfully address your organization’s business objectives.

At TACTIX, expertise, judgment and team effort drive every piece of advice we provide to our clients. These foundational values and approach to our business draw diverse but like-minded organizations as our clients.

Expertise: TACTIX has unmatched subject matter knowledge acquired and honed through many years of working in business and in government.

Judgment: Our counsel is based on strategic analysis and critical thinking. Rigour and excellence are the watchwords of our approach to providing service excellence.

Team Effort: Underpinning our success is a fundamental belief in teamwork – the star of the team IS the team. Each individual brings invaluable knowledge and experience, coupled with a dedication to meet the desired outcomes of our client.

TACTIX insists that for every client engagement we are held to performance standards, clearly defined metrics, and measurable deliverables. Several of our consultants have had careers in multinational companies or the military and the discipline of measuring tangible outcomes comes naturally to us.

While there is at all times a single point of accountability at TACTIX to one of our Co-Presidents, most of our clients form relationships with any number of our consultants, and regularly interact with several subject matter experts depending on the specific needs of the day. This underscores our client-centric promise.

  • A political decision is made which affects your current business or association goals.
  • A regulatory change is proposed which has implications for one of your leading products.
  • You have a question about what the long term political impact might be on a business investment decision.
  • A new government is elected and you need insight to guide your strategy.
  • Your business seeks to add critical mass to your communications or public affairs teams.
  • Your company is undergoing a large procurement with a multitude of complexities, perhaps including a requirement to deliver Industrial Technology Benefits (ITBs).

The Government of Canada is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the country. From office technology to immigration services to fleets of military vehicles, the government buys billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services from Canadian and international business each year. The TACTIX procurement advisory team has amassed decades of experience working in government and the military overseeing complex acquisitions.

Now we use that experience and understanding to advise clients on precisely how the government makes its purchasing decisions and how to maximize their opportunity to win.

The team at TACTIX is an extension of your team, representing your interests. Whether it is advocacy, strategy or large scale procurement projects, we seek to fit your needs and the culture of your organization.

TACTIX is a designated facility under the Government of Canada Controlled Goods Program and holds an authorized TRAC Registered Access code. We understand confidentiality and discretion are key to a successful client relationship.

Call either of TACTIX’ two Principals – Howard Mains or Alan Young – or one of our subject matter experts. We may be reached at 613.566.7053 and we would be pleased to meet with you to better understand your needs and objectives.