Michael Ferrabee

Michael Ferrabee has enjoyed a distinguished career in senior strategic advisory roles, including serving as a special communications advisor to a former Prime Minister of Canada.

With over 35 years of public and private sector experience, Michael’s career in public service began as an Assistant to a Member of Parliament, followed by appointments to the Office of the Leader of the Government in the Senate, Executive Assistant to the Minister of State for Indian Affairs, and as the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Justice.

Following these years on Parliament Hill, Michael helped to establish a national lobby presence for Canada’s foodservice business, where he served for over twelve years as Executive Vice President of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association.

Returning to Ottawa in 2007, Michael served as Senior Fellow with the Canada School of Public Service, providing strategic leadership advice and personalized training to the senior ranks of the federal public service. His work at the Canada School focused on issues of innovation, values and ethics, accountability, and the relationship between the public service and Parliament.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours, History) from the University of Waterloo having received secondary education in East Africa and Switzerland.

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