John Power

John Power has been providing marketing advice, issues management and risk analysis to government and private industry since 2015.

Immediately following his graduation from McGill University, John worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada. While at Bristol-Myers Squibb, his marketing responsibilities included working on the launch of a major product pipeline.

In 2015, after working on the federal election campaign, John joined the Government of Canada. During the four years he spent with the government, John had the opportunity to work in a number of ministerial offices, gaining invaluable experience in dealing with highly sensitive, complex files, and as a result, gained a deep understanding of communications and issues management. John quickly moved into senior roles including Acting Director of Communications and Parliamentary Affairs, in the Cabinet of the Minister of National Revenue and most recently, Issues Management Advisor, in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, where he directly advised the Prime Minister on the issues of the day.

John is an excellent communicator in both English and French – whether the need is to create key messages for news releases, develop Q&As, or provide briefings and guidance to senior office holders – John delivers proven and insightful results. His experience and expertise allow him to assess and respond to potential risks, and quickly develop strategies and advice for stakeholders so that they stay in front of issues as they develop. John is also skilled in working with Tactix’ clients to manage and navigate crises that do arise.

John is a graduate of McGill University and holds a BA Political Science and Economics, with a Political Science Major in Canadian Politics and International Relations and an Economics Major in Monetary Policy and Labour Market Economics.


~ Please note that John is subject to the 5-year ‘cool down’ period governing the post-employment of exempt staff; he is prohibited from lobbying government on behalf of clients.


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