Chemicals and Product Defence

TACTIX has been home to one of Canada’s most successful chemical and product defence practices for over 20 years. TACTIX is experienced in successfully translating complex scientific issues for public audiences and government stakeholders alike.

Our team has a sound understanding of Canada’s regulatory framework for chemicals and an unmatched breadth of experience to launch global product defence mandates.

We have consistently defended evidence-based decision-making on compounds including Bisphenol-A (BPA), triclosan, PCBs, siloxane, GMO technologies, and pesticides, including 2,4-D. Our clients include: equipment manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, pesticide formulators, cosmetics, plastics, commodity groups, plant science companies, refineries.



Team Members


Dan Gardner


As the co-lead of the Risk Communications Practice at TACTIX, Dan Gardner provides the insights and understanding clients value to effectively manage their reputations and steward their products.




Howard Mains

Managing Principal ~ Owner

Howard Mains’ client-centric approach brings a high level strategic focus on key mandates.




Paul S. Hillier


Paul Hillier specializes in risk management, advising clients across industries on how to manage reputational risks.




John Power


John is skilled in working with clients to manage and navigate reputational crises.