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Tactix is a strategic advisor to leading Canadian and Fortune 500 companies. Since 1996, Tactix’ highly skilled professionals have created innovative solutions to complex government relations threats and opportunities, helping clients achieve their business objectives and deliver results for shareholders. Tactix’ professionals know how governments make decisions. We know how those decisions are shaped and influenced. We also understand the constraints and opportunities presented when government charts a course of action. Corporate clients and industry associations count on Tactix’ team of seasoned professionals to help them navigate through Canada’s complex political and public affairs landscape – to get the decisions they need to succeed.

Latest News

“Legislation coming out of the Red Chamber is going to look less-and-less like the legislation going into it.”
The Hon. W. David Angus Chairman, Q.C., Ad.E. Tactix

Tactix is uniquely positioned as the expert advisor on Canada’s Senate. Join Tactix on October 6th as iPolitics Live hosts an interactive seminar entitled Sober Thought on Senate Modernization.

Tactix is delighted to announce that Richard Bertrand has joined us as a Senior Associate. Richard has held a number of senior-level executive positions in consulting and technology firms. Most recently, Richard served as the Vice-President – Government Relations for United Technologies companies in Canada, including Pratt & Whitney Canada, Sikorsky, Otis, UTC Climate,Controls & Security (Carrier, Chubb Edward, Kidde), and UTC Aerospace Systems.

We concluded Tactix' Budget Analysis last April with this thought provoking query: “The outcome of this October’s election raises an interesting question: Who will be delivering Budget 2016?” The so-called “smart money” at the time would likely not have been on the third place Liberals.


In Maclean’s magazine recently Conservative party activist Ken Boessenkool, mused about the five key qualities he thinks are needed for a new party leader. The prescription reveals among many problems, a key flaw in modern Conservative retail politics; namely the failure to recognize the fact that “emotional intelligence” (EQ) is necessary for effective leadership. Modern Conservative campaigning is all tactics and no heart. It’s too clever by half and will be seen as such by voters.

For more, read the National Post article written by Tactix Senior Associate, Kevin Gaudet.